John's Platform

I believe it will be an exciting four years where
we can collectively move Cobourg forward in a
progressive manner respecting our past and
embracing our future.

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My hopes for
the future

I am thrilled that I have been acclaimed as Mayor-Elect for the Town of Cobourg in the upcoming Municipal Election 2018. I have worked with my campaign team to create materials and this website to begin our dialogue and to highlight my platform. Please read more about my platform below, and if you have any questions, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Enhanced Communications & Accountability

  • Within 120 days, review Council’s Procedural By-Law and work with senior management and the community to develop Council’s Strategic Plan 2019-2022
  • Create an interactive Mayor’s Website to enhance weekly and monthly dialogue
  • Promote the creation of a centralized Communications team aligned with newly-adopted Communications Plan and IT Strategic Plan
  • Investigate Place Speak, a Canadian-based program that supports civic engagement on important community issues
  • Institute quarterly Town Hall forums to promote open dialogue
  • Working with staff to establish a database management server to more easily share information with the public

Economic & Community Development

  • Promote innovation and entrepreneurship at Venture 13
  • Target emerging industries in the agri-food sector, digital technologies, 3D printing, biological and medical advances
  • Focus on our Marketing Business Strategic Plan to align Tourism, Culture and Heritage to enhance commercial- business development within our community

Cobourg Waterfront & Headlands

  • Promote open communications and community engagement as staff projects are identified.
  • Ensure projects are aligned with the Town’s capital budget
  • Declaration of the West Headlands as a naturalized, environmentally sensitive area
  • Prioritize and implement actions towards East Pier revitalization based on the Waterfront Urban Design Study

Community Sustainability

  • Establish a unified multi-lane trail system throughout our community
  • Create an Asset Management Plan for all town-owned facilities and align with the Town’s capital budget
  • Collaborate with Northumberland County’s Sustainability Officer to enhance our energy audits, Climate Action Plans and create green initiatives that will reduce our carbon footprint
  • Develop a long-term parking strategy for downtown and the waterfront area Youth & Entrepreneurship

Youth & Entrepreneurship

  • Collaborate with Council, CCI, St. Mary’s S.S. and William’s Academy to create a Youth Advisory Representative on Cobourg Council
  • Establish an annual Spring Celebration with Venture 13 partners to showcase new entrepreneurial and educational advances

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